Hi! I am Shivam, a problem solver and a self-taught product designer.

I design digital experiences that help businesses grow, by solving real-world problems.

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Currently, working for Shuttl which is based in Gurugram, India. Over the past 7 years, I’ve been creating smart and meaningful digital experiences for industries ranging from education, tech, fashion to transportation.

For me crafting a problem-solving experience is teamwork. So, my approach towards a design problem is working with people from the product, marketing & research to come up with solutions that improve customer experiences. This in return helps a business in generating more value and better retention. I strive to deliver designs which are easy to use and have clean visual aesthetics.

When I am not designing I spend my time watching documentaries, reading non-fiction and listening to podcasts.

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Shuttl - Daily Bus Booking Experience

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Every day more than 30,000 daily office goers rely on Shuttl for their daily commute need. Apart from the Shuttl bus ride, the app’s booking and boarding experience are very core to Shuttl. The goal is to make this experience as frictionless as possible our regular users.


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Shuttl - Enterprise Website (B2B)

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Redesign of Shuttl's enterprise website. As the organisation started to expand their B2B (business-to-business) vertical, it required a new place where they can talk about their enterprise brand, solutions they offer in this category and publish case studies of their successful clients.

Case study - coming soon

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BinBill - Consumer App and Web Portal

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Managing paper bills, important docs and IDs is a troublesome liability. Binbill is an e-home which helps people to store and manage their bills and docs. Users can track expenses, get reminders for expiry of warranty or insurance premium and access it anywhere from all your devices.

Case study - coming soon